What is SoulFire about:

It is more important than ever to give our youth choices, it’s not enough to just have a worldly view of life, we are offering a biblical view … We at SoulFire Youth Group BELIEVE THEIR IS MORE and are ready and willing to learn, and teach about the instructions for life as taught in God’s Word.

The Vision of SoulFire:

Is to create a safe place that challenges and stimulates the passion in each heart to fully realize that it is possible to know Jesus Christ, and understand what He did for each of us on the Cross.

Learn how to merge Faith with Imagination, knowing that nothing is impossible through Christ in this life.  Jesus has already given us all, the tools that are necessary to realize and reach the potential in each life.

Build a cohesive Christian support group that encourages Christian values.

SoulFire is a Christian organization:

Serving the Madriver Valley for many years,  dedicated to serving teens from ages 13 to 18 years old.

We meet at the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown Vermont, every Monday evening during the school season.

If you’re are interested in learning more about our group,

please feel free to contact SoulFire Youth Group.

Meets Mondays call for more information

Brenda 802-498-8780