Here at The Church of the Crucified One, Moretown’s church for the whole family, we are passionate about loving people, serving our community, and spreading the Word of God to every corner of the globe. Reaching our community with the gospel is so important to us and we try and make it as easy and desirable as possible for Moretown and White River Junction folks to visit our church. With our live-streaming capabilities, our prayer request center, and our weekly activities, we try to show our openness and welcoming spirit in everything we do. We know that in order to reach the world, we have to start with our own community and for that reason, we’re always lifting up the people of this area in prayer, doing everything we can to support the community, and truly trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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As Christians, we know that prayer is important. We fight for it to remain in our schools, we speak about how valuable and “powerful” it is, and we can probably quote multiple Scriptures supporting the relevance of it. But are we really walking in the belief that prayer changes things? Are we coming to our Father with the firm belief that He’ll not only hear but that He’ll also act? It’s true that prayer changes things, but when our prayers are mere words that have no meaning behind them, they become no more potent than a memorized quote or uplifting thought.

As the saying goes, “If God were to answer all of your prayers, would it change the world or just your world?” Thinking about prayer in this way can not only make a difference in the condition of our heart when we come to God, but our unselfish, faith-filled prayers can also move the heart of God. There are multiple instances in Scripture in which someone appealed to God and he answered them, though they might not always have gotten the exact answer that they wanted.

We’ll discuss the power of prayer more in part two of our blog series! In the meantime, check out our website to read about our beliefs, watch our videos, and submit your own prayer request. We’d love to get our team praying for your needs. Reach out to Church of the Crucified One today!