A non-denominational church is an organization that proudly represents many different beliefs. They are also based off of the idea of religious freedoms and being liberated in your ideas of God, while being free to pursue him in your own light. Here at the Church of The Crucified One, we have established ourselves as a non-denominal church in order to avoid prejudice and judgment of others. Our beliefs are based on scripture, for example, Matthew 7:15 states “Do not judge, or you too will be judged,” or “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Judgements have rendered our country completely split, and thus, we must follow the Bible’s wisdom when it states that we are not fit to judge. This principle is applied to our prayer request system that was created to help people in our area through the glory of God.

How Non-Denominational Church Prayer Requests Work

A church is created in any community to worship God, but also to help others in their time of need. If you have a desire to worship, or you’re having trouble while on your path, it’s completely natural to want to ask for help. In fact, psychology shows that when we ask for help we lessen the stress hormones in our body which increases our physical health. So by putting in your prayer request with The Church of the Crucified One’s prayer team, you’re actually relieving the physical stress you feel about that current issue in your life. In fact, asking for help often improves relationships. The way that you will see this result is the solution you find through your prayer request.

At the Church of the Crucified One, we believe in the power of prayer to change our hearts, move the heart of God, and bring us into a deeper relationship with Him. Prayer requests have been around so long because it’s a very effective way for an entire community to call upon the grace of God and ask for his help. This effectively brings you closer to your community, and God himself. When you ask someone for help, you’re asking for their expressed empathy. Since the human response to such a request is almost always compassion, you’ll be able to forge a powerful bond with God, as well as the prayer group.

The Reward For A Christian Mission

The prayer group will feel fulfilled when they pray for the resolution of your problems, they’ll feel as if they are helping you connect with God. For a non-denominational church, our utmost mission is to connect people with God without any of the other roadblocks that churches in certain denominations might have. We want to see the resolution of your issue and we want to witness the greatness of our Lord and help you build a relationship with a power that won’t let you down. Everyone needs something to rely on, so rely on the power of prayer that will grow in tandem with your presence in a compassionate, feeling community of people.

The Purpose of A Church

When you ask for help, you’re looking for that sense of relief, the feeling that another power is working to ensure the end you’re hoping for. The highlight of being a part of a church is the sense of community, the closeness to God, and the guidance to walk with Him on life’s journey.. This is heightened within a prayer request because being vulnerable to God and the people in your community is a way to find self-growth as well as a resolution to your problems. Allow for a higher power to guide you, ask for help through our prayer request page and feel apart of a great community of people.

Be a Part of Something Larger at Our Local Church

The Church of the Crucified One is proud to offer prayer request services to the people in our area. We understand that sometimes events happen that seem totally hopeless, which is why we want to offer a form of help to the helpless. Know that people care about your well-being enough to pray for your assistance from God. Build a relationship with God, and form a cohesive unit with the people around you and never feel truly helpless again.