The Priesthood of the Community of the Crucified One non-denominational church was established in 1983. The priesthood constitutes a group of individuals who learn our theology and are ordained at seminary before being sent to preach the word of God and administer the sacraments. Both men and women may serve in the priesthood for our non-denominational church. Men and women who learn the theology and complete seminary studies can be ordained as Evangelists or Sacristans and men have the additional option of being ordained as Lay Ministers. Lay Ministers and Evangelists are fully licensed to preach the word of God and administer some sacraments. Sacristans are ordained to serve around the altar and to assist with non-denominational church services at Community of the Crucified One.

The priesthood seeks to fulfill the vision of the Community of the Crucified One through these two channels: preaching the love of Christ, who died the cross to save mankind, and celebrating the Mass every day, which honors that sacrifice of the cross, where Christ offered his body and blood to be our food and drink. Besides the Eucharist, the other sacraments are also a vital element of the priesthood learned at the seminary. They represent events that Christ either performed or experienced in his earthly life, which confer a grace onto the individuals who receive those sacraments.

Jesus said: “Freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8). Members of the priesthood open the doors of their non-denominational churches and their homes to whoever comes knocking, freely giving the gifts of His love and His grace. With non-denominational churches across the U.S. and still more to come, a prayer chapel in Israel, a mission church, and schools in Kenya, members of the priesthood are reaching out to people across the country and around the world.

Living in the priesthood requires a life of service to others. Do you feel called? If you are interested in learning more about the priesthood and/or joining the priesthood, please visit the link to the seminary.