Contemplative Lifestyle

“The Franciscan Way” is based on a way of life taught by Saint Francis of Assisi, modeled after the Third Order that he set up for lay people. Today we call it the Brothers and Sisters of the Community of the Crucified One. This Christian church program is designed to assist a Christian believer that is sincerely looking for a deeper walk with Christ to join with others from our Christian church that are looking to make a similar commitment.  The Commitment is to live three attributes that were evident in the life of our Savior and Bridegroom Jesus. These attributes are spiritual poverty, chastity, and obedience. We believe it is part of our Christian mission to learn to live in the world with regular jobs, families and all the pressures of life, but not be of the world, while seeking an intimately closer walk with Jesus as in a bride-bridegroom relationship, by practicing these three vows and living a contemplative lifestyle in the spirit, as taught in the Word of God in service of our fellow man.