The Nativity of John The Baptist

Sermon by Fr Leo, Pastor 

Sermon Notes

ZECHARIAH Was of the priestly class of the division of {Abijah meaning “Yah is my Father”}

1 Chronicles 24 lists the divisions of the priests. There are twenty-four divisions of priests Zechariah and his family belonged, the eighth division of Abijah? What does that mean? That means there were 18,000 priests were all separated into twenty-four categories so that the particular division which they belonged would be on duty in the temple for just half a month or two weeks every year.

In Zachariah’s division, there would be 350 men belonging to Abijah, They would send 5 Priests out of 350 to work in the temple over the two-week period, so they drew lots, as we read in luke

3 three of the priests would tend to the golden candlestick and the altar of showbread while the other 2 would serve at the altar of incense.

They trained a  lifetime for this moment

This meant this appointment may only happen once in a priest’s lifetime

The name Zechariah means Yah Remembers

Elisabeth = “oath of God”

John = “Jehovah is a gracious giver”

Remember God is a Gracious Giver

The preparer of a People for God

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