Seminar: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Could it be that the End Times is not the Main Point in Revelation!

The book of Revelation is often misunderstood. The main point of this fantastic book is the Revelation of Jesus Christ in us; Jesus has empowered us to be the Sons and daughters of the living God! The key to understanding the Revelation of Jesus Christ is found in a close examination of its biblical context with sound hermeneutics that the Word interprets the Word. The Apostle John wrote this letter during some of the most challenging times for those following Jesus; at the same time, many of John’s contemporaries were already martyred for their faith. He was being persecuted and imprisoned on the island of Patmos by the Roman authorities because he refused to compromise his faith in Jesus.

Could it be that Revelation is more about your relationship with Jesus Christ and not about end-time events or the wrath to come in the way we think? It’s a love letter written by John, revealing that God has established a way for us!

John closes his letters with some simple statements: “…God will make him a pillar in the temple for him that overcomes. Culminating to the wedding feast of the lamb. The message that John writes about reflects that it’s not so much about end-time events like we try to interpret through our current culture. It’s about the Revelation of Jesus Christ in us, which is good news no matter what our current situation looks like. The Book of Revelation teaches that the kingdom of God is within us. We are being transformed into His (Christ Jesus’s) likeness, our eyes being opened to His kingdom reality!

Praise God for his great love and mercy revealed as Christ in you!

You are invited to join us; you will gain a newfound appreciation for the Book of Revelation and learn to walk in a closer relationship with Jesus!

Join us Saturday, March 26th, 2022, from 10 am to 3 pm for a day of profound discovery into this amazing book! This is a free seminar; lunch will be provided and available to view online!

The event will take place! 

Church of the Crucified One vT

20 VT Route 100 South

Moretown Vermont 05660

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