Many Hebrew Words for Rain:  

Geshem & Matar

As we learn to study Gods word, we will see that there are many words in the Hebrew Scriptures for “RAIN” in particular there are two that we will look at today. One word for rain that is frequently used is the noun geshem, H1653 – geshem meaning literal rain or shower. This refers to the nature of rain how it is formed and refreshes or inundates the earth with floods.
As we explore Gods word, I find it very interesting that the very first time rain is used in scripture is not the noun geshem, but the verb H4305 – matar. Meaning to be rained upon from heaven blessings or judgment. Matar refers to the nature of heavenly rain, like the raining down of supernatural bread from heaven “MANA” as we read in Psalm 78:24. We will learn how to find the Gold in Gods Word and even more important to know by experience how it works in our lives supernaturally, understanding that the rain of blessing is formed, to refresh and or inundates each of us in our life. 

Mowreh & Yarah

Two more Hebrew words for rain are H4175 – mowreh & H3384 – yarah theses rains are important because they describe the rains that are needed to produce an abundant crop, these plants that will grow and be harvested will feed the people of God.  These words are describing seasonal rains, H3384 – yarah is the rain that comes at seed-time, &  H4175 – mowreh is the rain that comes at and the harvest-time.

What is so interesting is that these two words for rain, teach us to reinforce our barns, to bring in our crops to avoid the destruction of our crops, because of the change of season.  The word H3384 – yarah which means “shoots,” also “teacher” is related to H4175 – mowreh means teacher or one who gives instructions, this word H4175 – mowreh is a cognate of the word TORAH, meaning instruction H8451 – towrah meaning teaching and instruction.

The rain that scripture is referring to comes into our lives to teach and instruct each of us in our lives. It is God’s desire for each of us to produce a fruitful harvest together so that our storehouse will be full for the season that is before us.

There are so many life applications to God’s Word, for our lives… Even nature proclaims the Glory of God.


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