The Miracle of the Loaves & Fishes

Fr Leo Pastor

Sermon Notes

The Miracle of the Loaves & Fishes
Jesus called Miracles signs pointing to a destination AND SOMETHING MUCH DEEPER!
Feeding of five thousand 12 baskets left over was for Israel
Feeding of four thousand with 7 baskets left over was for the Gentile nations
Went into a desert place
Barley loaves were for not fit for human consumption
2 Fish are not enough to feed so many!
Jesus Challenges the Disciples “you give them something to eat.”
Jesus shows us what it means to dig down deep within!
Commands to set us in order on the grass
With what little He has “He looks up to heaven.”
Pronounces a Blessing of “Gratitude” with Faith ““Believing those things that are not as if they were”
Breaks it and hands it to his disciples to distribute

Church of the Crucified One, Sunday Service  

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