“A Glimpse of HELL” by Fr. Paul Stewart 

In the early years of Eddie’s training from the Lord, he experienced something that changed his life forever. What he saw He said, “he would not wish this on his worst enemy.” During his 40 years of ministry, he proclaimed, “don’t be fooled, the devil is real, and so is Hell.

“Walking home from Bee Schiliro’s prayer meeting one day, I unlocked my door, went in, and saw the light coming from the top of my steps, not knowing where it was coming from. Because I was fresh from a prayer meeting, the thought came to me that something was coming to me from the Lord. Being charismatic, I was open to the supernatural. Shutting the door behind me, I approached the foot of the steps leading up to the living room. Looking up, filled with anticipation, I saw a beautiful breathtaking light coming from a figure on top of the steps. With praise on my lips from the songs we were singing, I thought this was the Lord! Going to my knees in adoration of Him, suddenly it all changed. A voice from within me that I had heard before said, “it is not me!”

Fear grabbed me; that is when I wanted to turn and run out the door, hoping it would all go away. The words of Katherine Kuhlman ran through my mind; “if you turn and run from the devil, then you will always run from him.” The voice within said, “You must walk up the steps.” I did not believe it was the Lord’s voice, I was paralyzed with fear, and it took everything within me to move one leg towards the step. A piercing voice from the angel-like being said, “If you take one step, I will kill you.” Shaking, I took the first step, a hot blast of heat hit me, like from the steel mill’s blast furnace. Being thrown off the step and hitting the wall, landing on my butt, I thought this is it, I’m out of here. Again, the voice within me said, “get up and walk up those steps.” Taking a step, I now felt as if I was in hot sand, wavering and shaking in my faith. I don’t know how I took another step, but I did; this time, cockroaches were running up and down the walls. They were all over my body; I yelled and screamed, get off me! Crying to the Lord, please help me, they began to disappear. 

Again, mustering up enough faith to take more steps with confidence, saying to myself, this is not real. But then again, more fears of my life began to manifest themselves, and it seemed with every step forward, I made a step backward. Everything in my life that was holding me back from moving forward was manifesting itself on those steps. Struggling, fighting, screaming, and at the same time trying to believe none of this was true. SNAKES APPEARED AND STARTED BITING ME when I felt my rejection of the past. When I felt anxiety, I began to fall with nowhere to put my feet. When I got angry, there were rats at my feet, jumping on me and biting my legs. Even though I know today they were not real, the being on top of the stairs convinced me they were. I felt them, smelled them, and was even afflicted physically by them. Over and over, I kept telling myself they were not real. I must climb these steps!

The figure shouted, “you will never make it! You will never walk through me; you’re an ignorant man. It was like being in a dream, moving from one place to another, wondering how I got here. When I finally reached the top of my stairs, it was cold in the house, as if ice was forming on the walls and windows. All along, I was thinking, none of this was real, and now I had to walk through this creature! This changed me forever! With a tug from the Lord directing my ascent, I faced the darkest thing I have ever known. He was standing before me on the top of the steps; I knew it had to be Lucifer. The voice inside of me kept telling me that I must walk through him. 

Struggling there, for I don’t know how long, when I finally went through him, I saw Hell. I will never forget it! I never want to see it again, nor do I wish it on any of my enemies. Hell to me was always a big party place, where you could indulge with all the vices of life. This is not what I saw; instead, it was a place of torment. There was darkness, it was very thick, I could hear it screaming. I realized there were cylindrical-like containers with people in them. They were all alone in them. Somehow, I knew these objects of confinement were not made for them; it was more that they were trapped in the things they had forged in their lives. This resulted from their choices, and the demonic forces that influenced them in life now had control of the torment around them. 

Suppose you were driven by the spirit of enchantment for alcohol and never got free of it, and then you turned your back on your redeemer, finding yourself in Hell. The desire that drove you on earth would be there, but now they need a drink couldn’t be satisfied. The demons torment you by fanning the desire more and more until the point when the person would explode in the fire of desire, and then the whole process would begin again. There is no hope, never a chance to escape, stuck in that state burning for eternity. Suppose your whole life was the lust of sex; you could not go through a day without thinking about it. It had control of your thoughts, and everywhere there was a demon to fan the desire for more and more in your life. At some point, it is not enough, and you must go out of the boundaries seeking more sexual gratification. In Hell, the desire is fanned before you with forms and shapes the demons take on. You want to get out of the cylinder and touch them, but you cannot. Again, you burn and burn in your desire until you explode, and the whole process starts over again. Whether it be drink, lust, greed, pride, or any of the things that separate us from God, the end is the same. We all need to receive the redeeming grace offered to us from the Son of God! No one else, only Jesus, can save you from your sins!”


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