doors locked for fear, Jesus says "Peace be with you"!   https://youtu.be/groozlLsIZ4   The Sunday after the Resurrection  The Sunday after the Resurrection Jesus reveals himself to his disciples, appearing in a room that was locked because they feared for their lives. This teaching rev…Read More

  2. Sr Ruth Young, Sunday Service Nov 5 2017

    An Awesome Sunday Service Today, was like a family reunion, at the church of the crucified on in Moretown, Vermont got to see and hear from longtime friends that come to visit, Sr Ruth Young spoke to the congregation about Everyone's Child a program that helps disadvantaged children in Kenya and in …Read More

  3. Fr Stephen Young Visits Vermont

    THE CHURCH OF THE CRUCIFIED ONE WELCOMES FR STEPHEN YOUNG https://youtu.be/TJkX5FZavwA Fr Stephen Young, Long time resident, member and assistant Pastor of the Church of the Crucified One came to visit us this past weekend, sharing with us Gods word and encouragement on as we celebrated Trinity Su…Read More