1. Countdown to Pentecost LIVE

    GOD’S WORD THROUGH THE BOOK OF PSALMS https://youtu.be/Gxp5s833RaM CCO WORD STUDY. ONLINE BIBLE STUDY. THURSDAY, May 18th 7:30 pm Fr Paul Stewart Gives a wonderful teaching on the Holy Spirit, and how the Holy Spirit work's in our lives.... we invite you to join in on this incredible eye-opening t…Read More

  2. Hebrews Chapter 10

    LEARINGING THE BELIEVERS ACCESS TO GOD https://youtu.be/aptrx296nmI Fr Leo Benjamin This is a Continuation of Hebrews chapter 9 Bible Study CCO WORD STUDY. ONLINE BIBLE STUDY. THURSDAY, May 11th 7:30 pm "Believers Access to God" THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS Chapter 10 What is the New Covenant? Why is…Read More


    THOUGHTS FROM THE EPISTLE OF JAMES  The Royal Law Continuing to chapter two of the Epistle of James, James highlights the Royal Law; we have come to learn in past studies that the Royal Law is The Book of Covenant this is part of the God's character and its an attribute of his sons and daughters. W…Read More

  4. The Son’s of Jacob Part 1

    A KINGDOM DIVIDED ISRAEL AND JUDAH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9AYF_zEiFY This is the First series of teaching By Fr Paul Stewart on Jacob and his twelve son's their names and descendants prophetically reveal what God is doing in the world today, and in the church in order, their names are Reub…Read More