1. Grace at the Birth of Christ!

    Fr Paul Talks about his trip to Kenya, and the blessing of Grace at the Birth of Christ! CHURCH OF THE CRUCIFIED ONE, SUNDAY SERVICE  The Church of the Crucified One is a non-denominational faith community, born again,spirit-filled Christians, located in beautiful Moretown, Vermont.  We bring the…Read More

  2. Growing in Kenya

    Ordination in Nakuru Kenya Growing Ministry in Kenya The message of the Community of the Crucified One continues to grow in Kenya. During the weekend of April 26th, 2019, in Nakuru Kenya, an ordination and profession service was held. Four men took their professed vows, 4 became 2nd diaconates, 2 Be…Read More

  3. Mission to Kenya

    Praying for our Missionaries as they leave for Kenya https://youtu.be/KVTRl-XFVh0 Supporting Kenya Missions Please keep our missionaries in prayer, as they travel to Kenya. Bringing the message of the Gospel of Jesus' and His Love to the world!.. to learn more about our Kenya Mission go to https://…Read More

  4. Ordination in Kenya

    NEWS OUT OF AFRICA Fr Paul Stewart and Rev. Chris Ciccarelli are in Africa this weekend, The Lord has opened new doors to bring the Gospel to the country of Kenya. The tent pegs of the Community of the Crucified One based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, continue to spread out. Fulfilling the directive …Read More

  5. Touched by Love International

    BRINGING HOPE TO A VILLAGE IN KENYA https://youtu.be/H3hU4H-6wcE Fr. Leo Benjamin We were blessed to meet Pastor Julius who was visiting from Kenya, here in Vermont this past week. We got to sit down with Holly Stockett & Pastor Julius Nyambuoro, They represent Touched by Love International. We …Read More

  6. Pastor Julius, on Lasting Fruit

    THOUGHTS FROM THE GOSPEL OF JOHN   https://youtu.be/QJb6Hsa86sw Sermon Pastor Julius Nyambuoro of Kisumu, Kenya Pastor  Julius Nyambuoro representing Touched by love International, and his village which is Approximately 64 kilometers south of Kisumu (Kenya’s third largest city), there lies the …Read More

  7. Classroom Dedicated in Memory of Heidi (Sr. Eurosia) in Kenya

    AN AMERICAN WOMAN IN KENYA I had the privilege of talking to a group of men, women, and children who were sitting in a classroom-turned-church service in Lanet Umoja, a village just outside of Nakuru, Kenya.  I was telling them about Heidi Keyworth Albanese, or Sr. Eurosia as she is lovingly rememb…Read More

  8. Kenya Mission April 2017

    Our Missionaries have returned from Kenya https://youtu.be/stj0SyMF6J8 The Community of the Crucified one has been doing missions in Kenya it all started with a vision encouraged by late Bishop Donovan for Kenya to began with education. By providing an education to the children of Kenya, these chil…Read More