1. The Perfect Law of Liberty

    James 1: 22-27 Fr Leo Brings a word during Chapter night on The Perfect Law of Liberty from James 1: 22-27 The Church of the Crucified One is a non-denominational faith community, born again,spirit-filled Christians, located in beautiful Moretown, Vermont.  We bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to th…Read More


    THOUGHTS FROM THE EPISTLE OF JAMES  The Royal Law Continuing to chapter two of the Epistle of James, James highlights the Royal Law; we have come to learn in past studies that the Royal Law is The Book of Covenant this is part of the God's character and its an attribute of his sons and daughters. W…Read More

  3. James Chapter One

    From Tonights One Line Bible Study, we explored the 1st Chapter of James ! https://youtu.be/5Kp6B3d2osM  …Read More

  4. James: Patience & The Perfect Work

    Heart Knowledge As we continue to explore the Epistle of James, the very first chapter of James talks about trials that are evident in the body of believers (re James a Covenant People). The truths that we will be walking through, and studying in this Epistle will open up to us to a creative experi…Read More

  5. James: A Covenant People

    THOUGHTS FROM THE EPISTLE OF JAMES  Fr Leo Benjamin James 1:1 is encouraging the household of faith “Israel” the twelve tribes, meaning you and me, those that have received the revelation, as born again spirit filled Christians. We are called Spiritual Israel; Ephesians 2:8 for by grace are ye …Read More

  6. The Amazing Epistle of James

    THOUGHTS FROM THE EPISTLE OF JAMES  Fr Leo Benjamin The study in the Epistle of James, we see revealed many practical life principles that we need to learn to live by. As we explore this Epistle, we will soon gain a new perceptive on how to live a dedicated life to Jesus Christ, our Melchizedek Hig…Read More