1. Launch Out into the Deep

    Fisher of Men! Fr Leo teaching biblical principles that are applicable for today, from Luke chapter five and Isaiah Chapter six talking about Peter being an expert fisherman on Sea of Galilee, fishing was Simon Peters lively hood; this is how he made a living. Jesus comes along and tells him to laun…Read More


    OBEDIENCE TO THE WILL & WORD OF GOD IS THE KEY https://youtu.be/LPzPhxHjDic THE DISCIPLES WENT BACK TO THEIR NETS, AFTER THE RESURRECTION John 21, Fr Leo's Notes Simon Peter says “I go a Fishing” we go back to what we know Fished all night and caught nothing “why” you can do nothing wit…Read More


    I WILL MAKE YOU FISHERS OF MEN https://youtu.be/Ra8hgob5w4o MORETOWN SUNDAY SERVICE WITH THE CHURCH OF THE CRUCIFIED ONE The Church of the Crucified One, is a Non-denominational, Faith Community, of born again, Spirit Filled Christians, located in beautiful Moretown, Vermont bringing the Gospel of J…Read More

  4. Fishers of Men, Part Two

    THE NEXT MOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT https://youtu.be/SmUlFS8W5hE FISHERS OF MEN Sermon from Sunday, May 14th, 2017 Part Two This is the Second in a two-part series Link to Part One  Fr Paul Stewart Today’s sermon is about being fishers of men! Understand the next move of the Holy Spirit What do fish…Read More

  5. Fishers of Men Part One

    OPERATING IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD https://youtu.be/Lzp3L6MdOqA FISHERS OF MEN The Gospel today John Chapter 21 1-19 Part one of a two-part Series Link to Part Two  Fr Paul Stewart Today’s sermon is about being fishers of men! What do fish represent in scripture and why 153? Why does Jesus ask them…Read More