1. Accessing God’s Storehouse:

    As you may already know, the heart is the seat of emotion. It is more important than ever to understand our emotions; one emotion that we can learn from is fear. Fear is an emotion that can get the best of us by driving us away from the presence of God. On the other hand, when used for its original …Read More

  2. Love God with all your Heart

    Gods Love, Not the world https://youtu.be/43F2CjRXkRs Sermon, Love God with all your Heart, Fr Paul Stewart, Moretown Vermont COMMUNITY OF THE CRUCIFIED ONE, SUNDAY SERVICE  The Church of the Crucified One is a non-denominational faith community, born again,spirit-filled Christians, located in be…Read More

  3. The Spiritually Mature Christian

    WALKING IN THE SPIRIT https://youtu.be/8zWCW6-3FF4 Fr Leo Teaching on The Spiritually Mature Christian using the Hebrew letter Zayin learning to walk in the Spirit. The Community of the Crucified One vT is a community of believers, not just a Sunday Church, ultimately living out of the life that is …Read More

  4. The Value of Going to Church

    Welcome back to our blog page here at The Church of the Crucified One — White River Junction’s best option for a welcoming Christian community. Here at our non-denominational church, we’re always staying on top of the prayer requests that people from all over our area are submitting so that we…Read More


    By Fr Leo Benjamin, Pastor TOUCHING THE HEAVENS THROUGH PRAYER There is a word that scripture uses for “Prayer & meditation” it is the Hebrew word Siyach and its root words. When we study this word in the Bible, it brings to light a new understanding of how prayer works, Conveying an Idea…Read More

  6. The Benefits of Live-Streaming The Word of God

    Welcome to our blog page here at Church of the Crucified One in Moretown! Knowing that we are doing everything we can to reach our community with the living, breathing Word of God is something that drives us. We’re passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior…Read More

  7. How Henry VIII Liberated Christians: Part 2

    In our last article, we discussed how the Church of England began, and how the Kingdom of Britain become a powerful, openly Protestant country. With Anne Boleyn’s assistance, King Henry VIII saw the benefits of a transparent church that did not allow you to literally pay off your sins with gold, a…Read More

  8. How Henry VIII Liberated Christians: Part 1

    The year is 1491, Henry VII has taken the throne of England from the various usurpers and ended the war of the roses. His union with Elizabeth of York has ended the quarrel between the ruling and waring families the Plantagenets and Lancasters. Though his court is full of subjects whose loyalty, at …Read More

  9. How Important Is Vacation Bible School?

    As a kid, how many of you wished you could go away to summer camp? It probably sounded like a magical place. You could try archery, swim in the nearby lake, go horseback riding, and learn so much more about crafts and games. Summer camp meant a week or a month of daily playtime for kids, and served …Read More

  10. How Did Non-Denominational Churches Start?

    The last few decades have seen a pretty dramatic rise of non-denominational churches across the country. In fact, for those who haven’t visited us in Moretown, we here at the Community of the Crucified One are a non-denominational faith community. But what, exactly does that mean, non-denomination…Read More