BIBLE STUDY, LEARNING THE WISDOM OF GODS WORD COUNTDOWN TO PENTECOST CCO WORD STUDY. ONLINE BIBLE STUDY. THURSDAY, May 18th 7:30 pm We will be Meeting at the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown Vermont in the main building or you can join us Online. TWO WAYS TO ACCESS THIS TEACHING Click on the …Read More

  2. The Pattern for Effective Prayer

    UNDERSTANDING PRAYER THROUGH GODS WORD Fr Leo Benjamin There is a word in scripture that is used for “meditation” it is the Hebrew word Siyach and its root words. When we study this word in the Bible, it brings to light a better understanding of how prayer works, Also how Jesus taught about p…Read More

  3. Countdown to Pentecost #7

    Gods Word Through The Book of Psalms By Fr. Paul Stewart ZAYIN ז Psalm 119: 49-56 Remember the word to Your Servant, Upon which You have caused me to hope. This is my comfort in my affliction, For Your word has given me life. The proud have me in great derision, Yet I do not turn aside from Your la…Read More