Our Mission

For well over 40 years The Community of the Crucified One has had the privilege of being part of the body of Christ that understands its purpose, not only as individuals, also as a dedicated remnant reaching into Gods Word, to learn what He likes, and live out what His word teaches.


We are a spiritual community that happens to have Church, instead of Church that happens to live in a community. Through Gods Word we see a pattern first it is God that establishes an order, second its obedience to the order of God that brings His blessing in the earth. we are called to establish and live out this order as a living testimony to the Grace of God in our lives, given to us through His Son Jesus Christ.

Pennsylvania Communities, We Support You!

We aim to support the wonderful communities around Pittsburgh, PA through Prayer and Ministry. The Community of the Crucified One’s Vision is simple; We are called to go into the highways and byways of life and tell all who will listen that Jesus loves them. When they ask, “How do you know?” We are to point them to the cross and say, “Because He died for you.”

CCO Location:


Pittsburgh Location 

335 E 10th Ave, Homestead, PA 15120