Welcome back to our blog page here at The Church of the Crucified One — White River Junction’s best option for a welcoming Christian community. Here at our non-denominational church, we’re always staying on top of the prayer requests that people from all over our area are submitting so that we can be actively praying for our community. Prayer is something that not only edifies us as believers, it brings us closer to God and sharpens our faith. When God answers prayers, our faith is strengthened, and when He isn’t as quick to answer, we are made stronger during that time of waiting. Life was never meant to be lived alone and you matter. That’s one of the biggest reasons that we pray for each other. If you have a prayer request that you’d like to receive prayer for, submit your prayer request on our website today!

There was once a time when most of the country attended a church of some kind. As a nation that was founded on Christian beliefs, it only made sense that many people attended a Christian church. Today, that number has dropped drastically to being below 20 percent, according to some studies. With the numbers of regular church attendees being what they are, we feel it our duty to discuss the value of going to church.

Strengthen Your Walk With Christ

Going to church — when you keep a mentality of growth — will absolutely help to make you a stronger Christian. Since Christianity was never meant to be done solo, other believers will help to sharpen your faith and keep you aligned with what the Scriptures say. Just like it says in the Psalms: “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens another.” Living life in close proximity to other Christians means that your theology will be kept in check.

Be a Part of a Community

Again, your life was not meant to be lived alone. Christians are meant to live in community with one another and as this is the New Testament model for the Christian life, we can’t be more about this than we are. When you find the right church, you often feel that you’ve been made a part of a tight-knit family; if that’s not how your church feels, it might be time to either get more involved or look elsewhere.

Don’t forget that being a part of a church doesn’t make you a Christian, however, it definitely helps you maintain your walk with Jesus and enjoy a happy life in community with other believers.

If you’re ready to come to a church in White River Junction that feels more like a family, check out our weekend services at The Church of the Crucified One, listen to a live-streamed message, or contact us through our website today!