Ordination in Nakuru Kenya

Growing Ministry in Kenya

The message of the Community of the Crucified One continues to grow in Kenya.

During the weekend of April 26th, 2019, in Nakuru Kenya, an ordination and profession

service was held. Four men took their professed vows, 4 became 2nd diaconates, 2

Became priests during 3-day celebration. Holy Cross Prayer Community, Kenya’s

motherhouse, received four more church’s as the former Bishop Wachira surrendered

his title to come under the auspices of the Community of the Crucified One. In a

statement made by him during one of the services, “a title means nothing, being where

the Lord is, is everything.” The whole congregation was humbled to see the humiliation

in this man to give up his recognition of Bishop to come into the order of The Holy

Priesthood of the Community of the Crucified One, and take the new name of Father


Immediately after the Priesthood service on Sunday, April 28, a man came to the

community with an extraordinary discovery. Samuel, an engineer who is the go-to person

for the Nakuru government for building permits, shows up at the church with plans he

drew in 2002. These plans where the design of the Church that has already been

started in the seven plots obtained years ago behind the mission house. After the fire that

destroyed the plans, Holy Cross Community was advised they would have to start at the

process of new drawings. This has been delayed for several years because of the cost.

Samuel, who had said he could not find any copies, stumbled upon a copy and brought

it to the Community on the ordination weekend. With great excitement, he proclaimed

that the Lord wants this Church built and that he would personally offer his services for

free! The plans for this building will model after the Temple of the Crucified One in

Homestead Pa.

After the weekend we traveled to some of the smaller churches in the Molo area. Each

time the Pastors of the congregation greeted us. In these places of worship,

above the entrance doors is written; ‘The Community of the Crucified One.’ In some of

the places; cows, goats, and sheep were grazing around the buildings, not a usual

sight seen in America! To be eight thousand miles away from home and see this

genuine display of gratitude for what the Lord has done makes an impression on one’s

heart that will never be forgotten.

Here is the list of Churches in Kenya with the names of the Pastor’s;

Churches and the Leaders in Kenya

  1. CCO Lanet Church, Fr Patrick
  2. CCO Sakaitim Church, Benard Gitukia
  3. Tayar Molo Church, Peter Chehe
  4. Kiti Church, Fr. Francis
  5. Kampi YA Moto Church, Fr. Francis
  6. Thika Church, Baraza
  7. Salga Church, Mughuana
  8. Karima Othaya Church, Archangle Noirangu
  9. Ihuagi Othaya Church, Michael Thuita, Fr John
  10. Ihuagi Nyeri Church, Charlies Maina
  11. Nanyuki Church,
  12. Kiserian Church,
  13. Othaya Nyeri Church, Fr Martin
  14. Manjengo Church, Rose Mary
  15. Mau Narok Church


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