Interested in taking a closer walk with Jesus? Here are a few of the requirements for joining the Brothers and Sisters of the Community of the Crucified One through seminary training:

  • Candidates are men and women from the age of 15 or older.
  • Candidates may be married or single, widowed or divorced.
  • Candidates apply for membership through the elders of the local church of the Community of the Crucified One, Inc.
  • Candidates enter into a five-year step by step seminary training program.
  • Candidates make further 10 year commitments as they are led by the Lord to serve the church and community.
  • Candidates serve in a variety of different programs and ministries, including Prayer, Music, Young Adults, Children’s, Charitable works, Mission Trips, Library, Audio Visual and Building Ministries.
  • Candidates may be members with commitments to other churches or ministries who can participate as Associate Members or be embraced through full seminary ordination or teachings.

To join chapter please contact the Pastor or Chapter superior in your local church.

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