Fr. Leo Benjamin

We were blessed to meet Pastor Julius who was visiting from Kenya, here in Vermont this past week. We got to sit down with Holly Stockett & Pastor Julius Nyambuoro, They represent Touched by Love International. We wanted to hear about, as they share their heart and their vision for the people of Kenya. Pastor Julius was able to meet with many from the Central Vermont area. Holly and her husband Bob hosted an Open House where many were able to attend, meet personally meet with Pastor Julius, even had a chance to taste some wonderful traditional Kenyan dishes cooked by Erick, Pastor Julius’s son.

Holly Stockett Touched By Love Int.

Upon sitting with Holly and pastor Julius we were able to hear first-hand what God is doing,  in the village of Kabondo, The Pastor’s home village which is Approximately 64 kilometers south of Kisumu (Kenya’s third largest city), there lies this small village of Kabondo.  It is a drought- and famine-stricken area, torn by the HIV/Aids epidemic. These tragedies have left many orphans and vulnerable children without a place to call home, without parental love, and without access to adequate medical care. Even daily necessities like food and clean water are in limited supply.

Touched by Love International is committed to making a difference 

Pastor Julius Nyambuoro

While the vision is to serve the community on numerous levels, the primary focus of their current ministry and the goal of Touched by Love International is orphan care. The church is currently housing children in the homes of members of its congregation. This method shows the commitment and compassion of the local Christian community, but it is limited in long-term feasibility as the number and needs of the children grow. Therefore, it is the vision of the local church and Touched By Love International to increase the sustainability and efficacy of their ministry by developing an orphanage campus staffed by local, full-time house parents. This will allow the church to continue meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of orphaned children by providing adequate living space, meals, and direct care in the context of a stable family unit structure.

God Works through the heart of his people

Our God is passionately calling for his followers to care for the vulnerable and orphaned children in our world. Touched by Love International is thrilled to work with Pastor Julius and his local church to meet the needs of these beautiful children.

Please consider giving to this ministry trough your time, money, and prayer as they help to bring sustainable hope to this village in Kenya.

Also, ask about going them on a mission trip of a lifetime, to this regain Kenya where you will see firsthand the needs of this beautiful community as well as meeting the orphaned children.

Touched by Love is a nonprofit 501c3 organization If you would like to learn more about their work in Kenya follow the link below: