In our last article, we discussed how the Church of England began, and how the Kingdom of Britain become a powerful, openly Protestant country. With Anne Boleyn’s assistance, King Henry VIII saw the benefits of a transparent church that did not allow you to literally pay off your sins with gold, and did not promote the worship of false idols to convert non-Christians. They took the articles from Martin Luther and other texts and began to create core documents that would act as the founding principles of this new Church of England that Henry VIII elected himself as the head of.

Anne’s Christian Work

As Anne was crowned Queen of England under the jurisdiction of the New Church of England, she was pregnant with little Elizabeth Tudor who would grow up to be one of the greatest leaders England had ever seen. After she was born, she was followed by several miscarriages. On top of proving to be not particularly fertile, Anne was an unruly wife. She had a vivacious intellect that she insisted on using and brought her opinions to her husband as he continued to make changes to the Church. Her main act as queen was to dispose of Cardinal Wolsey, a Catholic power in England, who had tried to unseat her as queen. She also encouraged the disavowment of all ties with the Catholic church such as the monasteries and houses of worship with unbridled riches in the English countryside.

God’s Work is Difficult

This portion of Henry VIII’s reign is marked with the blood of his opposers. This New Church freedom was built on the backs of those continuing to push for the oppressive power of the Catholic Church. At the time, it was a powerful figure in Europe and was a fierce opponent, if not a villain in the mind of most religious freedom advocates. Many argue that this harsher method of the ruling was a necessary tactic in forging the way for multiple religious ideas in the Christian community.

Scripture Behind Structure

The foundation of this church used many scriptures, but the main idea that they would refer to often was from Timothy 3:16. The passage says “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,” meaning other opinions about scripture is just as Godly as a Latin translation from a priest. For man in and of himself is holy because he is of God and connected to God.

The End of Anne

Though, Anne Boleyn would have a few years of marriage with Henry VIII her pioneering days as a womanly scholar of the Bible would come to an end as she began to push her opinions too hard onto Henry. He eventually accused her of witchcraft after one of her miscarriages was found and described as monstrous by several witnesses. She was beheaded shortly thereafter as Henry turned his eye to a more dutiful wife in the form of Jane Seymour who Martin Luther himself described as an “enemy of the gospel”.

Next time, we’ll discuss the furthering of the religious freedom Christians were given by the somewhat tyrannical hero: Henry VIII. Non-denominational Christians can give their roots to the skeptics like Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, though, their methods were unorthodox. History does not always depict good men, but it does always detail great men’s actions. How they’ve achieved these feats is almost always morally debatable. Access your Moretown Bible study through The Church of the Crucified. Feel free to contact us with questions about our beliefs and environment today.