The last prominent movement of the Holy Spirit was during the latter years of the 1960’s and the 1970’s. During this revival, the Lord moved on the nation to bring members of the Body of Christ together in homes, auditoriums, and stadiums, united by theology and faith. The Spirit of God was moving in such a force that Christians were stepping over denominational barriers to worship the Lord in harmony as one non-denominational church. Without its knowledge or understanding, the move of God was upon the church with unexplainable events such as were read in the Acts of the Apostles. In every gathering, there were reports of physical healing, conversions, water and spirit baptisms, and even deliverance, all of which became known as the miracle power of God. As the Lord gave new hope and joy to the body of Christ, lives were reformed and the meaning of worship and praise changed. There was a new flame burning within. At this time, the Lord inspired communities of believers to form throughout the country. In the heartland of the industrial melting pot, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one such non-denominational church, the Community of the Crucified One, began.

In 1970 Edward Donovan, a steel metallurgist at United States Steel was called by God to have a prayer meeting in his home. While the steel was being formed in the valley, God’s Holy Spirit forged a prayer community on the hill overlooking the mills. Today the mills are gone, but the Community of the Crucified One stands as a beacon of light and a living testimony to the power of God for all who pass by.

From this humble beginning, the power of God has transformed that prayer meeting into a complete ministry and non-denominational church. The closing of the steel mills has left the city in a state of poverty with numerous decrepit buildings. Through the efforts of its membership, the Community of the Crucified One has refurbished many of these buildings for use in the ministry. Like the surrounding buildings, the vision of the Community is renewing many broken and abandoned lives, leading them to the Master Builder, Jesus Christ.

Edward Donovan was given a vision and this vision is as alive today as it was at the moment of its inception. The vision compels us to go into the highways and byways of life and tell all men who will listen that Jesus loves them. When they ask, “How do you know?” we point them to the cross and say, “Because He died for you.” It is a simple message from the cross and it is a message and theology from which we have never departed. Upon hearing the name of the Community, a Baptist minister once remarked, “If it isn’t the church of the Crucified One, then who’s church is it?”

The vision, mission, and theology of the non-denominational church have been carried from coast to coast and thousands upon thousands of lives have been touched by God. Today the Community of the Crucified One’s growing membership has established prayer communities throughout the country, with missionaries who travel beyond our coasts. One of the prophecies given to the Community of the Crucified One was that it would be like a railroad station. People from all over the world would come and stay for short periods of time, learning theology and God’s love. This prophecy has been fulfilled many times over. The Community has become a place of renewal for many people.

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