I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. (John 11:25

What he is teaching us is that if you would open your spiritual eyes and ears start developing your spiritual senses, we would understand that we live in 1% of what really exists; So there’s 99% more out there? Yes, out of the full 100% of what is, we’ve only lived in what would be 1%; We have a lot to learn — if we could only understand the concepts that Jesus is teaching.

In Luke 20:27 the Sadducees didn’t even believe there was a life after death. They must have been the most hopeless people you’d ever meet. Could you imagine thinking that this was all there was to life, nothing else? These Sadducees were men of the Torah, they were well studied in the Word of God yet they missed it. They were trying to keep the Torah but only understood the political power and status of the Sanhedrin.

We read in Jeremiah 3:17 At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the LORD; and all the nations shall be gathered unto it, to the name of the LORD, to Jerusalem: neither shall they walk any more after the imagination of their evil heart.

Our imagination is a powerful tool that the Lord gave to each of us, and when used correctly will bring a great blessing to our walk with the Lord. Today we only believe what is on the throne of our own imaginations; Our heart and mind work together to create a movie in our heads that we play over and over, They are influenced by all forms of personal interaction. Including TV, radio, and the 3 to 5000 plus messages that bombard us each day.  Forming an image in our mind that influences and directs our life, called the “yetzar ha’ra”, the evil inclination. This evil inclination starts out as an invited guest, then takes residence in our heart; It becomes the master of our heart until the Holy Spirit can no longer abide in the temple of our body. On the other hand, we have the “yetzer ha’tov”, the good inclination, motivating us to do that which is good in the eyes of the Lord: Learning to keep His Word and seeking the spiritual pleasures that were reserved for us in the Garden of Eden.

We need to allow Christ to sit on the throne of “the heart of our imagination” and let him direct our lives.


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