The Church of the Crucified One & The Brothers and Sisters of the Community of the Crucified one Celebrate “The Feast of St Francis”

St Francis was born in 1181, was known for imitating the life of Christ and carrying out the work of the Gospel at a time when the world and even the church was materialistic caring more for the material things of this life even under cover of the church.

Francis realized this when he had a personal encounter with Jesus himself when he had a born-again experience” seeing the world in a whole new way, God becomes real to him, and he saw him in the simple things of life, like nature.

Francis had a love for the Eucharist and for the Priesthood, seeing the very presence of Christ in the body and blood and in those that carried His presence to others that they might find hope and joy in the simple things of life.

Francis and those that followed him embarrassed poverty, establishing a lifestyle based on three vows that we observe today of Spiritual Poverty, Chastity, and obedience a lifestyle that is centered on recognizing Gods presence in every aspect of our lives.



The Church of the Crucified One, is a Non-denominational, Faith Community, of born again, Spirit Filled Christians, located in beautiful Moretown, Vermont bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Moretown, Waterbury, Waitsfield, Warren, Montpelier, Burlington & The Madriver Valley.

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