1. Priesthood Anniversary

    THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE PRIESTHOOD A really blessed weekend as we celebrated the Priesthood of the Community of the Crucified One on the Fiest of Christ the King, here is a Galley of the Teachings and Photos from the  Weekend in Pittsburgh PA https://youtu.be/yBfzuYxo07Y   https://youtu.be/Y52…Read More

  2. Sr Ruth Young, Sunday Service Nov 5 2017

    An Awesome Sunday Service Today, was like a family reunion, at the church of the crucified on in Moretown, Vermont got to see and hear from longtime friends that come to visit, Sr Ruth Young spoke to the congregation about Everyone's Child a program that helps disadvantaged children in Kenya and in …Read More

  3. “The Cup of Experience” Sermon

    "The Cup of Experience" https://youtu.be/vPcPpgJuI4g The Cup of Experience Sermon from the Church of the Crucified One, Moretown Vermont wit Fr Leo, Scripture references Isaiah 53:10-11 Hebrews 4:14-16 Mark 10:35-34...42-45 MORETOWN SUNDAY SERVICE WITH THE CHURCH OF THE CRUCIFIED ONE The Church of t…Read More

  4. Mark Chapter 9 Sunday Sermon

    Sermon on Mark Chapter 9 https://youtu.be/toF2s_Xnhnw Fr Leo from the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown Vermont as he walks though Mark Chapter 9 talking about how God works in our everyday lives, Jesus uses a young Child as an example MORETOWN SUNDAY SERVICE WITH THE CHURCH OF THE CRUCIFIED O…Read More

  5. Healing Testimony Joyce Dutil

    NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH JESUS https://youtu.be/OoDnD_iaitU Joyce Dutil gives a wonderful testimony to a healing she received from the Lord Jesus at the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown VT MORETOWN SUNDAY SERVICE WITH THE CHURCH OF THE CRUCIFIED ONE The Church of the Crucified One, is a Non…Read More


    FINDING THE GOLD IN GODS WORD https://youtu.be/jTNInxsFT1w Notes from the Round Table Study Group Genesis Chapter 2:5 what is it describing? Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it [are] the issues of life. Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so [is] he: Eat and dri…Read More

  7. Faith Emunah, Gods Faithfulness

    FAITH AND THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD https://youtu.be/Q0ACcRLgSQs Fr Paul Stewart of the Church of The Crucified One in Moretown Vermont brings an inspiring Sermon on the Faith, Emunah and the Faithfulness of God. Learn from his sermon how we become a witness to the faithfulness of God in our lives whe…Read More

  8. Community, Receiving Your Inheritance

    Mentoring the Next Generation for Christ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IpTAjYR-0A Learn about Community, how Jesus mentored his disciples to change the world When Jesus went to the Cross he passed down to each of us a great inheritance a promise of eternal life and a solid hope of life, in this …Read More


    NOTES FROM THE ROUND TABLE  Many Hebrew Words for Rain:   Geshem & Matar As we learn to study Gods word, we will see that there are many words in the Hebrew Scriptures for “RAIN” in particular there are two that we will look at today. One word for rain that is frequently used is the noun …Read More

  10. Sermon on the Bread of Life

    BREAD OF LIFE, WAR AND THE BREAD OF SORROW https://youtu.be/kcIFmBlexPY Sermon on the Bread of Life Note's from Fr Leo Bread of Sorrow I AM... First Person, Present tense.... Exo 15:3 The LORD [is] a man of war: the LORD [is] his name. milchamah war Exo 16:4 Then said the LORD unto Moses, Behold, I…Read More