Why is the number 40 significant in the bible? Old Testament:                                                                                                                                                               …Read More


    Preparing for the Feast of the Resurrection  ASH WEDNESDAY:   Ash Wednesday Service Date: February 14th Time: 6:30 pm Place: Church of the Crucified One Moretown VT With the hope of spring in our hearts, and the promise of warmer weather. We know by experience that nature will blossom once…Read More

  3. Sr Ruth Young Visiting Vermont

    Everyone’s Child, Inc. https://youtu.be/5D4WJwT7G3o Everyone’s Child, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and impoverished children around the world. Our mission reaches out to the children of the world: to educate where there are no schools, to connect…Read More

  4. Touched by Love International

    BRINGING HOPE TO A VILLAGE IN KENYA https://youtu.be/H3hU4H-6wcE Fr. Leo Benjamin We were blessed to meet Pastor Julius who was visiting from Kenya, here in Vermont this past week. We got to sit down with Holly Stockett & Pastor Julius Nyambuoro, They represent Touched by Love International. We …Read More

  5. Quiet Walk On A Father’s Day

    SEEKING GOD'S VOICE IN NATURE By Fr. Stephen Young The woven voice of God, so full   Melodious in currents streaming,     So deep, so sweet, Our voice compared, so incomplete.       In Sunday praise, to God we reach,     But the song of wind and warbler,   The ear of God they do truly m…Read More

  6. The World full of Distractions

    LEARNING THE DEEPER THINGS OF GOD THROUGH NOAH Fr Nathaniel Maynard Noah teaching February 19, 2014 Genesis 8:15-22 We are all familiar with the story of Noah, how God used him to deliver a remnant thru the destruction of the flood, brought on by the evil found in the hearts of men. Tonight I want t…Read More

  7. Accessing God’s Storehouse:

    As you may be  already be aware, the heart is the seat of emotion. In these changing times it is more important than ever to understand our emotions, one emotion that we can learn from is fear. Fear is an emotion that can get the best of us by driving us away from the presence of almighty God. On t…Read More