1. The Power of Speech Part 2 James Chapter Four

    THE POWER OF SPEECH https://youtu.be/w21NuJBWFog THE EPISTLE OF JAMES Fr Leo Benjamin CCO WORD STUDY ONLINE BIBLE STUDY THURSDAY, December 1st, 2016 7:45 pm James Chapter four What is an outer man concept? How do we block our prayers from being answered? How do we receive grace in our life? Learn th…Read More

  2. Creative power of the tongue

    TEACHING FROM THE EPISTLE OF JAMES   https://youtu.be/6laxIV84qMo THE EPISTLE OF JAMES Chapter Three What is the Creative power of the tongue? • Is it as powerful as the Bible says? • Can it really start fires? • What does my tongue reveal about my Character? • How can blessings & Curs…Read More

  3. Epistle of James Intro

    TEACHING FROM THE EPISTLE OF JAMES   https://youtu.be/9EsRTSzK9Nk Moretown Bible Study on the Epistle of James Fr Leo Benjamin Our study of the epistles, starting with James 1:1 the first thing that we notice is whom James is addressing his letter to, the twelve tribes scattered abroad. Most of u…Read More