I know that I need “a way” to put my Christian faith into practice, but how do I find it? I would love to make a commitment to serve the Lord, but how can I with all of the responsibilities that I face in my everyday life? How do I answer this call in my heart to walk like Jesus and be truly led by the Holy Spirit? As a Christian today, have you found yourself asking these kinds of questions?

The Brothers and Sister of the Community of the Crucified One are part of a Christian religious order that can provide answers to these questions. They have dedicated themselves fully, and have seen many lives changed in the walks of vowed Christians. Life in the “Chapter” offers enough flexibility to allow people from every ethnic and social background and all walks of life to participate.

With a dedication to walking in Holiness, a member of the Chapter learns to serve God and their fellow man. The rewards are innumerable, but most immediately are a life of fulfillment and purpose in Jesus which is a difficult thing to find in today’s world.


In the year 1206, a man who became known as St. Francis received his “born-again” experience from God. He then began a walk with the Lord and simply followed the example that Jesus Christ described in the Gospels. Then he established the vows of “poverty, chastity, and obedience.” In 1978, the Community of the Crucified One, a non-denominational Christian Ministry based in Homestead, Pennsylvania, established a religious order based upon this type of walk based in Christianity’s tenets. Its founder, Bishop Edward V. Donovan, along with the Elders of this ministry were led by the Holy Spirit to write a “Holy Rule.” This created and governed a contemporary Christian religious order based upon a Holy Spirit-filled and charismatic vowed life, which was then offered to members who felt called to a deeper Christian walk.

Spiritual Vows and a Chapter Walk

Throughout scripture, men and women made promises to God knowing that living these vows was pleasing to the Lord. Jesus lived in perfect poverty, chastity, and obedience unto His Father. The Brothers and Sisters of the Community of the Crucified One proclaim their desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ by trying to relive these three vows.

Poverty – to seek spiritual freedom from earthly attachments – Jesus was poor of the world.

Chastity – to seek a spiritually pure life through examination of conscience and repentance – Jesus was pure and sinless.

Obedience – to seek submission to the Lord’s voice through those He has placed over us – Jesus was obedient to His Father unto death.

The vows become a natural part of a members spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ through:

1. Reading of daily prayers and scriptures 2. Attending a regular Wednesday evening church service 3. Serving those in need in their locale (nursing homes, prisons, the sick) 4. Helping to run and maintain the Community Ministries in their locale (cleaning, prayer, youth, Bible school, music, building, charitable works, etc.)

The Brothers and Sisters of the Community of the Crucified One also sponsor a Christian Religious Teaching program for Community of the Crucified One Schools and a Christian Missionary Outreach Program. Membership in the Chapter is often the foundation for entrance into the Community of the Crucified One’s Seminary where participating members can be trained for ordination as Lay Ministers, Evangelists, Pastors, Deacons, Priests, and Sacristans.

If you seek a closer walk with Jesus and a way to put your faith into practice in everyday life, join us at the Community of the Crucified One and ask about joining in church ministry or attending seminary. Feel free to call or contact us online for more information!