Welcome to Franciscan Farms Online!  Visiting us online is a good way to keep up with everything that we're doing without getting your hands and feet all dirty. 

We invite you to explore our growing farm. If you're not close enough to come walk around, please take a look at our farm album and the alpaca pictures.  

Over the fall and winter months our farm productivity has come to a lull... But that doesn't mean that we're not busy!  

In early September of 2008, we added two male alpacas to our farm, and then in late October we got a third. Just after Thanksgiving of that same year, we got a fourth. And this one was a baby, only six months old when he arrived! The alpacas have truly blessed all who interact with them, and we are so grateful to have them be a part of our farm family. We invite you to meet the alpacas and share in some of their love.

Our food products are coming along (slowly but surely) and we are now happy to offer Franciscan Farms Granola and Tongues of Fire Hot Sauce for sale to all members of the community, as well as the general public! We'll keep you posted on production updates as they come along. 

If you have any questions or would like to purchase our products please contact Franciscan Farms.